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    Leaf Plates Made from Fallen Palm Leaves.

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    Elegant Disposable Plates

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    Compostable... Sustainable...

  • Palm Leaf Plates- Triangle Shaped

    No Trees Cut...

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    No Chemicals Used...

  • Palm Leaf Plates - Round

    Completely renewable resource

  • Palm Leaf Plates- Square Collection

    Centuries Old Tradition with a Modern Twist ...

Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls

Our Palm leaf plates are manufactured from the fallen leaves of the Areca Palm tree.  The tree is endowed with huge leaves and fronds, which shed and fall to the ground every few weeks. These leaves are turned into disposable plates, bowls and platters as an alternative to plastic,  Styrofoam and paper plates. Our line of compostable palm leaf dinnerware does not react with food and will not add any additional taste or chemicals to it.  All manner of wet foods can be served without the plate or bowl becoming soggy and losing its integrity.  Our Eco friendly palm leaf plates are nature's own solution to the harmful results of using paper and plastic disposables. 

We offer wide variety of Leaf Plates for our customers that can suite all of their party needs from a Casual dinner to a more formal dinners like Wedding Parties. Our Collection of Compostable Palm leaf plates includes Palm Leaf Dinner Plates , Palm Leaf Side Plates , Palm Leaf Trays and Palm Leaf Bowls .

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